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The Allen Adventure free iPad app is a fun interactive story about Allen, a young visitor from another planet, who is new to school and learning how to get on with his Earthling classmates. It is suitable for children from 3 to 8 years of age.

The Allen Adventure requires a minimum of iPad2 and iOS4.3. To download the app you will need a wireless connection on your iPad or iTunes on your computer.

The Allen Adventure explores social and emotional skills that children need to make friends, to get on with others and to deal with unpleasant or difficult behaviour from other children. It is fun and positive, and provides an opportunity for parents and educators to talk with young children about what to do in various social situations.

Children can select narration or read the story themselves. Through the story, children can touch the screen to make things happen and choose actions for the characters.

The Allen Adventure provides parents and educators with ideas about how to promote children's social and emotional skills. The Bullying. No Way! website also has extensive supporting information for parents and educators.