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Where can it happen?

Bullying can happen almost anywhere

  • at school
  • on the way to school
  • in the playground
  • on trips or camps
  • on the phone or the internet
  • at the shops
  • almost anywhere.

Being bullied can feel awful.

It will probably keep happening unless you tell someone about it.

Tell a teacher or someone you know who will listen to you and help you stop the bullying.

There are some things you can try yourself to stop the bullying. Talk to someone about which ones might be right for you.

It might take a while for new things to start working so don't give up if things don't get better right away.

What can I do?

There are some important things you should do if you are being bullied.

Tell someone (click to expand)

  • Tell your Mum or Dad, one of your family, a grandparent, teacher, friend or someone else who you think will listen to you. Ask them to help you work out what to do.
  • Tell a teacher. It doesn't matter where it happens - in school, out of school or online, teachers want to stop bullying when they know about it.
  • If bullying is happening on your phone or the internet, keep messages and posts that hurt you or write down what happened and show an adult.

Think about positive things:

  • what you like doing at school and away from school
  • what you are good at
  • the people who like you and care about you.

Try some things yourself (click to expand)

  • Tell the other person 'I don't like that'.
    Use a strong and confident voice. Even if you don't feel strong and confident, fake it!
  • Talk with the person who is bullying you (if you think it's a safe thing to do).
    Ask them if there is a problem that you might be able to sort out together. If you feel too scared to do it alone, ask a friend to come with you.
  • If possible, ignore the person bullying you.
    When they're ignored kids who bully often lose interest. If that doesn't work, tell someone and ask for their help.
    Don't try to get back at the person who bullies you. It usually doesn't work, and you can end up in trouble too.
  • Hang around people who help you feel good about yourself
    Friends don't bully you. They care about you and are fun to be around. You might also make new friends by caring about others.
  • don't respond to the message.
  • tell your Mum or Dad, one of your family, a grandparent, teacher, friend or someone else who can help you work out what to do.
  • ask for help to put a block on your mobile device (iPod Touch, iPad, phone) or social networking page so you don't get the bullying posts or texts.
  • visit What can I do if I’m being bullied? on the National Centre Against Bullying website .
  • talk with your parents about downloading and using the Cybersafety Help Button .

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