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What can I do at work?

Your boss has a responsibility to provide a safe work environment where there is no violence, harassment and bullying.

See if there is bullying and harassment policy and complaints procedure at work.

Keep a diary of any bullying or harassing behaviours.

Documenting everything that happens, including what you've done to try stopping it. This can help if you make a complaint.

Approach the person who is bullying or harassing you.

If you feel safe and confident, you can approach the person who is bullying or harassing you and tell them that their behaviour is unwanted and not acceptable.

Tell someone (click to expand)

The best person to talk to might be your supervisor/manager, a harassment contact officer, or a health and safety representative (if your work has one). Otherwise, talk to your parents or another adult. Even if you don't know anyone you can talk to, there are support services which are immediately available to help and support you in the Get Help section.

Get information and advice (click to expand)

If the bullying is serious, and the situation has not changed after complaining to your manager, or if there isn't anyone you can safely talk to at work you can get outside information and advice. You can get help from:

  • your workplace health and safety authority for advice and to report bullying incidents
  • the Australian Human Rights Commission for advice, or to make a complaint about discrimination, harassment and bullying covered by anti-discrimination law.

Telephone: 1300 656 419 (local call) or (02) 9284 9888
Email: complaintsinfo@humanrights.gov.au

  • the union representing your industry who can give you advice on your options and your rights
  • Lawstuff for legal information especially for young people.

Make a formal complaint (click to expand)

Complain to the state and territory workplace health and safety authority or to the Australian Human Rights Commission.

(Source: ReachOut.com - fact sheet 2011 developed with Human Rights Commission).