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What can I do at school?

Your school has a responsibility to provide a safe learning environment free from violence, harassment and bullying. Your principal, teachers and school staff want to know about bullying so they can deal with it quickly.

Talk (click to expand)

Telling shares the problem. It helps you feel supported. Get some helpful advice from others. It is really important to tell someone if the bullying has been going on for a while or the strategies you've tried haven't worked.

  • Talk to your friends - they can help you tell a teacher or your parents or just to feel better.
  • Talk to your parents - tell them the who, what, when and where of what's been happening.
  • Talk to your teacher or another staff member - tell them the who, what, when and where. If you don't want to do this in public, make an excuse to see the teacher about something else, for example your homework.
  • If you can't talk to someone face-to-face go online or call a Kids Helpline counsellor (see Helpful websites).

Try some strategies (click to expand)

These strategies should only be tried if you are not in any immediate danger of being physically hurt and you feel confident you can do them.

  • Ignore the bullying - turn your back and walk away
  • Act unimpressed or pretend you don't care what they say or do to you. You could say 'okay, whatever' and walk away
  • Say 'No' firmly
  • Try using 'fogging' to distract or discourage the person bullying without antagonizing them. Fogging means making a joke or funny comment that makes the other person think you don't care about what they say, or pretending to agree with them so they have nothing to bother you about. For example, you could casually say something general like, "Yeah, that's the way it is", or "Okay, since I'm so …. (using the person's bullying words) I better just go then, hey?".

Helpful websites (click to expand)

The National Centre Against Bullying - has tips about how to deal with bullying.

The Line campaign - a dedicated website that allows teenagers and young adults to talk to one another about healthy and unhealthy relationship behaviours and how to have and maintain a respectful relationship.

Kids Helpline - provides free, private and confidential, telephone and online counselling service specifically for young people aged between 5 and 25 and helpful information about relationship topics.

ReachOut.com - provides an online youth mental health service and information, stories and a support network of other young people who have been through tough personal situations.

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